About Us

VD Solar, the Renewable Energy division of the VD Swami Group, offers a complete range of services comprising design, development, and management of Utility Scale and Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic power plants.

By choosing VD Solar, customers can focus on their own business delegating all PV activities to VD Solar. The Company provides a High Quality service to customers identifying the best technical solution for a long lasting PV system.

VD Solar's services are based on a continuously developing and growing experience in the Indian Solar Industry, backed by the VDS Group's 56 year history of installing and commissioning power plants for power utilities and captive power requirements of industries. The longer term focus for VD Solar is to be an Independent Power Producer / Developer.

VD Solar’s skilled and qualified team provides proven Project Planning & Evaluation comprising System Engineering inputs - PV Array Design, Tilt Angle, Electrical Design (DC & AC) - to analyze and optimize technical parameters to ensure that the Solar PV Plant achieves highest performance for annual energy yield output.

In addition, VD Solar focuses on Value Engineering for Racking & Mounting structure, which is critical to lower structure and BOS costs, given that Solar power tariffs are rapidly moving towards grid parity.

A critical part of Field Installation & Construction is to provide a smooth and seamless startup. Irrespective of which technology you use, VD Solar, given its strength in Core System Engineering and Structure Design, can assist with Installation & Commissioning by providing appropriate skilled workforce ramp-ups leveraging its strong brand in the Power plant construction industry across states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. We strictly adhere to regular quality checks, assessment, testing and measurement of all components ensuring the system’s planned startup.

Ensuring precise monitoring of generation data in comparison with simulated yield values, logging production losses and providing immediate fault removal helps VD Solar assiduously adhere to its mission: "PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED!" Continuous Technical inspection and maintenance, Visual inspection, Module cleaning, and landscape maintenance ensures smooth system operations.